Freedom of expression is one of the most fundamental human rights.

It is enshrined in many international and national laws and is considered a cornerstone of democracy.

The right to express ourselves freely, without fear of censorship or persecution, is essential for the functioning of a free and open society.

It is important that we continue to defend and promote freedom of expression.

This means standing up for the rights of journalists, activists, and other individuals who may be persecuted for speaking out.

Freedom of expression also underpins other human rights such as the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion – and allows them to flourish.

It also means recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and opinions, even if we do not agree with them.

In a world where information is increasingly controlled and manipulated, the right to express ourselves freely is more important than ever.

By upholding this fundamental human right, we can ensure that our societies remain open, democratic, and just.


Toronto, Canada